Sudden Onset Blindness in Working Dogs

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hello again.

 I was thinking about a case I saw last year when a heading dog (border collie) was brought in to the clinic where I was working with a sudden onset blindness.The history was that the owner had been injecting his cattle for parasites with an ivomectin product. Apparently one cattle beast turned back in the race and got injected twice. The animal died soon after and in the usual practice  NZ farmer way they salvaged the meat from the carcass to feed the dogs.

Soon after the best dog appeared to lose its vison and so was brought into the vet clinic where it was treated for poisoning by giving fluids intravenously in an attempt to flush the ivomectin from the dogs body.

After two days there was no improvement until I decided to give 2 mls of Vitamin B complex into the drip bag. Withing a couple of hours the dog recovered its vision and was sent home with almost complete recovery of vision.

The important issues here were:

1. Is ivomectin toxic in the Border Collie breed or is it a genetic problem exacerbated by the toxin.

2. What is the normal levels of Vitamin B  in Border Collies.

3. If Ivomectin is toxic to dogs what is the status in humans and should we be concerned?

I don't know the answers to this but the implications are quite serious. Does any one have similar stories?

Herbal Gout

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

After one month of pain from gout I was about 'up the twist' and didn't know what to do.

 I had had tried acupuncture and other modalities without apparent success,and being an impatient man was not being a good patient

I finally asked someone who runs a health shop in a nearby town. 


1.  Cherry Juice. Take 50 to 100 mls three of four times daily.

2. Celery seed capsules Two taken three times a day before meals.

3.  Quencetin capsules: These are extract of the pigments of various vegetables and fruit especially red onions,

 combined with bromelain from pineapples and vitamin C as the ester.

. To get a full solution you need to want it to happen and you can utilise the subscription service on this website if it will help.

May  your suffering be largely alleviated


Dr Tony.

The importance of a pet.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hello people,

Thank you for coming to this site. My objective is to establish a regular weekly blog on any subject relating to the care of animals.

Yesterday I saw an article in the NZ Herald ( Auckland newspaper) which told of an owner whose 11year old fox terrier had been knocked down and killed in a suburb of auckland, It seems that a passer by witnessed the unfortunate event and tried to get help from the official sources, which in this case was the Auckland Council. The person on the other end of the phoe just said." OK we will send out a garbage collector to pick up the body ".

Since every dog in Auckland is registered the Good Samaritan was appalled at the callousness  of someone who is supposed to be a support person and insisted that the do on identifying the owner and notified the family herself. This little story defines the problem of relying on a corporate body to demonstrate a little humanity and charity to someones pet which is an intergral part of their family. I am starting with this story because it illustrates the value of a pet and the importance of dealing with everyday crises that occur. I hope that this is the ultimate result of this website. WE CARE!