Many owners make the mistake with these little guys of just feeding dry rations or rabbit pellets. Depending on the quality of the formulation these are often OK, but are generally high in Carbohydrates especially maize. Protien is usually furnished with lucerne leaves. Be wary of the foods that have highly coloured peices of food mixed in. Like small children, animals can react to these food coluors in ways that are not fully understood.

Green vegetables are sometimes fed and things like carrot or   cucumber and other vegetables are all right but the best supplement is the weed herbs like sow thistle, plantain and dandelion because they are bitter in flavour and balancing for carbohydrate (sweet flavour) of the maize. If you can’t get these weeds, try leafy greens from the supermarket, but test for palatability first. Vegetables for guinea pigs

Guinea pigs can have mange (loss of hair and scabby skin lesions) across the mid back region and if you think your Guinea pig has this then take him to your vet who may give him a course of three ivomectin injections a week apart. Mange in guinea pigs, skin conditions in guinea pigs. However the presence of the mange mite should ring the alarm bells because it is saying that the animal is on a deficient diet. Mires can be present in small numbers without being obvious so if there is a itching, scratching syndrome happening, it is likely that there is a problem with the husbandry ,and as  has been said above this very often relates to an inadequate diet. Use of ivomectin doesnt change this- You do!