This topic could be the basis of many web sites and there are plenty out there to investigate if you wish. I have chosen to include it in my web site because I have skills in energetic healing that just might be useful to some readers. I am happy to share the contents of my Kete (maori flax handbag) if it can help someone else.

 I don't profess total knowledge but have walked the "path less trodden" and some of the Wisdom of the Ages has been gifted to me to share with you if you want it.

Chinese herbal medicine has been around for 4000 years and then some!

Recent developments combining the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western symptomatic medicine have advanced this type of treatment a very long way. Now,instead of bad smelling, appalling tasting liquids the formulas are first freeze dried as Kampo (Han=Chinese Po =medicine) medicine by the Japanese. An American visionary then developed the Seven Forest Range of palatable tablets.<> ( Institute for Traditional Medicine and Preventative Health Care.)

 Through this development , Traditional Chinese Medicine reached a wide acceptance in the Western cultures. Of course, herbs can be used individually as is common with Western Herbal Medicine or  with other techniques such as moxa (heat) and acupuncture. You are advised to consider seeking the advice of a registered practitioner in the modality you prefer.

The concepts of TCM also are about how the body functions. The concept of meridians was firstly derided in the west,except amongst a few visionaries. In the 1970s it gradually  became more acceptable to consider the hidden aspects of physiology so that techniques like cranial osteopathy, chiropractic, and kinesiology are becoming accepted by practitioners and public alike as a way to heal the body AND the mind.

 I was fortunate to attend a meeting of doctors interested in acupuncture in the late 1980's and to be able to demonstrate the effects of acupuncture on the physiology of the heart of one of the organisers pet dogs which had an abnormal ECG tracing. That took some of the cynic and nay sayers by storm.

WHEN WE WERE YOUNG WE WERE BULLET PROOF. So we didn’t think about Traditional Chinese medicine or any other type of medicine - Awareness of one’s own mortality comes with age.Also with  age often comes a search for the "Truth".

 For the author, Traditional Chinese medicine has the ring of truth and is encompassing whereas western medicine has a tendency to be dividing rather than encompassing, so that growing specialisation tends to make research results less and less relevant so that there is a trade off between precision and relevence which sometimes leads to the problems mentioned elsewhere, where research results are  subject to manipulation to achieve a marketable end result. ultimatly at the cost of 'TRUTH and wisdom. Hence the GM debate and other similar issues are occurring more frequently as the years pass.As the German philosopher Nietzsche observed "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

The KEYS to good health are exercise daily in natural surroundings rather than on a machine in a gym although there can be a place for that as well.. The second key to health is a good fresh ,preferably organic vegetable with some meat of fish diet, and with that, healthy thoughts (let go of all the resentment and bitterness- and you have to really work at that sometimes).  More information on causes of disease can be provided on request. (' The emotions as a cause of disease'.)

The only thing that has no opposite is LOVE- Arohanui - in its widest sense, so walk away from a fight. NO matter how strong you are you can always be hurt and besides the other guy is left fighting himself., which for me is a perfect solution for both of us.

 Exercise for human health

Of all the creatures, man is the one who is most susceptible to disease (according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles because of the effects of the negative (inner) emotions on the developing child (the 7 Emotions. Combine these with the 6 climates ( or effects of the outside world) and a working hypothesis for the origin of disease is developed which leaves" Koch's bacteria cause disease postulate"  1890 for stone cold. At least that is my conclusion, although the postulates have been modified to keep place with advances of 21st century.

For those who insist that western medicine is the Holy Grail, may I quote from the Rhubidat of Omar Khayam

."The moving finger writes and having writ moves on,

, Nor all your piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line,

 Nor all your tears wash one word of it."

 It becomes a responsibility as one gets older to keep ones health at an optimum. Often easier said than done for as the years pass all the physical, mental, emotional and dietary abuse comes to the fore. Neglect of proper diet and lifestyle lead to arthritis, high blood pressure and a host of other conditions that can lead to the cellular functions being disrupted as in Cancer, today quoted as the third most common cause of death.

The most simple obvious cause of disease in our society is inappropriate food sources,and preparation, and sometimes complete lack of exercise apart from going to the bathroom several times a day..

 Add to that the effects of 3, 4, or 6 generations of symptomatic treatments as in Western Medicine rather than addressing the causes and we have a generation of young people who carry the sins of their forebears in their genetic codes. This could be the reason for the upsurge of such diseases as auto immune conditions and even cancer and arthritis.

 Traditional Chinese herbal medicine makes claims to help the management of these conditions but it is largely dependent on the will of the sufferer as to whether the results will be good or poor.

 In other words, whilst superficially it may seem that one has to be a ‘fighter’ to hold on to life,in fact we are not be fighting other people, only dealing with one’s own emotional trash(from childhood) Whilst with such conditions as Cancer in children we need to reflect on the implication of teratogenic influences like the possible association of the higher incidence of Tuberculosis in the 19th and early 20th century. These cause miasmas which may be passed down the generations according to principles of homeopathy. Even homeopathic ideas were used in the Chinese medicine of centuries before western though adopted it.

Try using Traditional Chinese herbal medicine to eliminate this acccumulated toxic influences. And the rest is up to you

 So I can give you all the information in the world and if you don’t have the motivation then it isn’t going to happen! (Refer to www.louisehay. com for information on the power of the mind- She cured herself from uterine cancer by the power of her own thoughts.) You can also research the use of Bach Flower Remedies and other essences of flowers available

When you are twenty years, you are indestructible so you roll with the punches, or the football injuries of your youth or whatever. You were too tough to sit down and rest so it is easy to forget that there is a price to pay later in life.

This has been well understood since ancient times.

Having fun is the priority of our culture and when the ‘health piper’ needs paying, sometimes the purse is empty. Then you are dead.

There are Traditional Chinese Herbs that can help with energy loss or deficit and sometimes the results are outstanding, but the secret is to get the right formula first. This web site can help with the choices for your animal friends and perhaps, even yourself. It is your own responsibility to try the system and hopefully find a cure to anything or everything from PTSS to old injuries to poor digestion

Another option is the use of homeopathic which are great for minor ailments or with guidance of a homeopath that is able to go into the deeper emotional aspects of the causes of disease. These can include the Bach Flower essences and other similar systems. Bach Flower remedies are dealt with in the subscription section.

As the years roll by one tries to find ways of treating or removing all those old injuries which have led on to arthritis or limited movement, when the obvious way to deal with them would be to treat the cause as soon after the injury as possible. Old injuries see subscription section.

Regrettably we as a society tend to deal with the immediate and ignore the long term as unimportant…until we get there…if we ever do. And if you don't , then you are not likely to be reading this .

At least half of the people on this planet have a rhythm to their bodies which may have been interrupted by the use of the birth control pill, the benefits of which are a release from the age old dominant male syndrome and the arrogance and pain it brings with it, By this I mean the women who very often suffer in silence, because of the arrogance or ignorance of their male counterparts (I’ve been there too, now am  enlightened male I hope) or because of other reasons both emotional, physical and spiritual. This is recognised in Chinese Medicine and is treatable with herbs and other techniques besides simple surgical removal of the uterus. There are three emotions which are connected to the cyclical nature of a woman's body. Love (Heart) Food balance ("spleen (upper intestinal syndrome) and  Liver ( Anger). These also may be  connected to the Principles of the Chukras in Indian (Ayverdic) medicine

This web site is designed to introduce some survival techniques for everything from footy injuries to PTSS (post traumatic stress syndrome) which has caused over one third of all Viet Nam veterans to commit suicide. No one knows what the losses were from First and Second World War vets….only their families who watched them suffer, as we did. ( see also Subscription section PTSS) I used the herbal combinations successfully on my son who is regular NZ Army when he came back from a 6 month period in East Timor where a few bad things happened.He claims it turned him around!

 I was treating a horse once with severe bruising and used San Qi a traditional Chinese  medicine herbal combination. Unknown to me the owners father tried some for himself, and the owners mother said that she had had the best nights sleep for 45 years. It appears that the father has been blown up by a shell at Casino in the Italian Campaign of World War II. The injuries and bruising responded to a few days of Chinese herbal medicine.

 Another client was able to solve the occurence of bony spurs on the foot bones which made it difficult to walk, ( a form of arthritis. (Astragulus), Response was in about one week and no recurrence was recorded. A calf with 'pinkeye' (Moraxella bovis) for which there was no known treatment responded in four days. Here is the power of the use of tonics in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the last few years the same herbs have been absorbed into Western Herbal medicine, but as single herbs rather than as combinations which may give the Chinese Medicine the edge. However if you suffer from Gout as I did then any relief is better than none. I got a response in 48hours after a month of pain.

More importantly in today’s world is the rapid increase of cancer diagnoses. Cancer has been labelled as a death sentence and for some maybe this is so... but if you have the courage to fight it maybe you can extend your stay on this planet. Who knows? One can but try.Louise Hay did.