Most rabbits are hardy souls, but occasionally there is an animal that develops a soft lump anywhere on the body, often in the lower jaw or under an eye. The worst scenario is if they develop paralysis in the back end.

 (This could be a broken back if the animal has been handled roughly or incorrectly, especially if picking up a young rabbit, so to be sure to turn him upside down and support him on your forearm. Never hold him so that he can kick as is the case if you hold him around the body under the front legs. Often this is how a young child will pick up a rabbit so supervise the child when he is holding the pet rabbit. If he kicks he can very easily break his spine.

How to hold a rabbit, spinal injuries in rabbits

But back to the lumps and hopefully not the paralysis, these symptoms are seen when the rabbit has an infection of Pasteurella, and it is usually transmitted from the mother in the uterus, so selection of a reputable breeder is advised. Abscesses in rabbits

 If you see this get the bunny to the vet as soon as possible as some of the new antibiotics can cure the condition if treated early enough. If it is left the thick abscess wall makes it difficult for most antibiotics to penetrate.

Sometimes surgical correction like amputation may be necessary due to the resistance of the causative organism.

Again the use of bitter herbs as with giuinea pigs can help considerably to keep the rabbit healthy. Use dandeloin. sowthistle and plantains either broadleaf or narrowleaf, it doesnt matter much..