The importance of a pet.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hello people,

Thank you for coming to this site. My objective is to establish a regular weekly blog on any subject relating to the care of animals.

Yesterday I saw an article in the NZ Herald ( Auckland newspaper) which told of an owner whose 11year old fox terrier had been knocked down and killed in a suburb of auckland, It seems that a passer by witnessed the unfortunate event and tried to get help from the official sources, which in this case was the Auckland Council. The person on the other end of the phoe just said." OK we will send out a garbage collector to pick up the body ".

Since every dog in Auckland is registered the Good Samaritan was appalled at the callousness  of someone who is supposed to be a support person and insisted that the do on identifying the owner and notified the family herself. This little story defines the problem of relying on a corporate body to demonstrate a little humanity and charity to someones pet which is an intergral part of their family. I am starting with this story because it illustrates the value of a pet and the importance of dealing with everyday crises that occur. I hope that this is the ultimate result of this website. WE CARE!