Dr Tony Frith B Agr B V Sc Diploma Acupuncture

Tony Frith is a retired veterinarian with over 40 years of experience.He graduated from Massey University in New Zealand in 1971 and spent 10 years in large and small animals mixed practice until he became concerned about some of the limitations of conventional medicine.  Two years part time studying Traditional Chinese Medicine alongside doctors and physiotherapists in a human orientated course in Brisbane whilst he ran his own practice in Palmerston North NZ. In time this led him to tread the less trodden path of Natural Medicine, especially in horse acupuncture and manipulation. He also has many years’ experience with skin allergies and diet and other diseases of dogs and other small animals. If you have a desire to help your animal with natural methods and herbs, he may be able to help you.This is a coaching service not a consultancy and doesn't seek to and cannot replace the normal vet/client relationship model that is currently accepted by the community. Please contact your local veterinarian in the first instance for acute disease problems

However there are times when conventional medicine is not the road you wish to follow with your animal friend. Perhaps it is too expensive for you to use of maybe it does not fit in with your lifestyle. Tony is based in Auckland NZ and is willing to discuss your options on line. He may recommend that you go back to your conventional veterinarian or alternatively may be able offer a contact to veterinary practices using Natural Therapy in your local area. He may suggest herbal remedies you can use or possible dietary changes and other options such as acupuncture or herbal products or homeopathy. He will follow up with a regular on line contact with you to ensure that you and your animal are getting the best care available. He is also willing to act in advisory capacity in his field to your normal veterinarian or assist  you arrange a seminar with some of your friends  in which he will show you how to be self-sufficient with non invasive techniques such as manipulation and herbal remedies. and for him to discuss use of natural medicines with pet owners and/ or horse owners in your district
He has previously done a series of Public Lectures in all 9 equine colleges in UK and has been guest speaker at veterinary professional meetings in Australia and USA.

Tony believes that it is everybody’s responsibility to care for his/her own health. He recognizes that often people are ready to make changes in their own lives as well as those of their animals. He hopes that information on this site may help individuals to take the first step on this journey of a thousand miles for themselves and their pets,whilst working within the constraints of normal work and life constraints to which we all are subjected.