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Frequently asked questions” FAQs.

Q. My dog scratches all the time, or chews at his feet or licks himself. What can I do.

A Most itching and scratching is caused by allergies. Dr Frith thinks that most of these are associated  with food. You can go to your vet and he may use steroids to suppress the problem but until you or he define the cause you will just keep repeating every time the problem occurs. You can subscribe to information in this website because each case is a little different.

 Itching and scratching are usually worse in warmer moist (or humid) conditions or in the summer in cooler climates.  e.g.The coastal areas of the Eastern states of Australia or the humid conditions of summer in Auckland NZ will be worse than the hot drier conditions of inland North Queensland or the cool parts of NZ.  We can assist with dietary modification or It may pay to contact your vet for steroids in the short term as skin can easily become broken and infected. You can also visit the <> website and discuss identification of the allogen with your vet as a blood sample is required for analysis.

Make sure you are using regular flea, tick and heartworm controls. Especially use regular tick treatments in Australia where the paralysis tick is a problem. Further information from your local vet who knows the local condition may be helpful..

 If you want to know more please subscribe to the natural  treatments section below.


Q My cat is obsessively washing and licking so that the fur is getting thinner (in a patch) or the cat is getting hairless . What can I do.

A.  Again the cause may be allergic but it is a more complex situation in the cat which can involve social stresses.

Cats are very fussy so altering the diet is more difficult. Try using a food which doesn’t contain grains. You will have to read the labels on the food packets or tins. Remember that most cat food contains grains and starches as thickeners and these can be implicated. Ideally a blood test by Avacta .com will be useful information and you should contact your vet for this service.

Alternativly you can use a variety of herbs to cleanse the elimination system, of the cat . You will need to repeat this when the problem arises. This can also be seasonal. Make sure you use regular flea control systems. Refer to the subscription section in natural treatments.


Q. My dog had sore ears/eyes, this seems to occur at the same time each year.

a. Again this can be allergic in action. Treatment of the local problem with antibiotics from you vet will help remove the symptoms but until you define the cause you may be chasing a will’o’the wisp. Further information is available in the subscription section  using natural health methods.


Q. My dog is  active in hunting (or in agility, or other canine sports activities ). He fell down a bank and since has been lame in his front carpel(wrist) joint. My vet can find nothing on Xrays and other  diagnostic techniques. What can I do as the dog and the sport activity are important to us both.

A. This may be a case of bruising or “stagnant energy”(  trapped energy in the tissues) as explained by Traditional Chinese Medicine rationale. If you have had all the diagnostic proceedures you can afford done with no obvious effect, you could try homeopathy or traditional herbs There are other techniques that you can try. Please subscribe to the Natural health Section of this website. We discuss options.


Q. My very old dog is “losing it’ , he wanders around and crys when I am out. His appetite is good and the vet says he is in good health for his age.

A. Geriatric dogs sometimes form behavioural patterns which are intrusive into the owners lifestyle or that of the neighbours. This is NOT a reason to use euthanasia unless you want to. Often a change of diet to easily digestible meat products can help (ref Alternatively you can use Chinese Formulas that improve flow of energy in the brain and body.