Alternatives to Vaccination


Most viruses that cause severe disease in dogs and cats are seen in young unvaccinated animals. Over the years,during the development of some vaccines, mistakes have been made and this has causes a backlash against vaccination. Most vaccines are now based on cell culture and no longer have such problems as use of mercuric salts or formalin to kill the active organism in the development of a new vaccine. Another problem used to be use of cat kidney call cultures with associated ;inherent problems of the immune system responding to the cat kidney fraction of the vaccine..This is an area of individual opinion and is difficult to advise upon.


Refer to specific disease such as Parvo for details

Most old fashioned diseases such as Distemper have been eliminated in Westren world.Rabies is a very nasty disease of dogs and humans in India.

 As a general rule vaccination is strongly recommended in pups and kittens younger than 3 months ( 12 weeks) It is unwise to leave your new young animal unvaccinated and you should contact your vet for further information. 

Consider This:

If you wish to use homeopathic alternatives then contact your local holistic veterinarian but it will beat your own risk.
Another option is to have your vet do vaccine titres which will help to establish level of immunity in an individual which could have a possible vaccine reaction. 
Usually there will be an underlying immune competence problem or it is possible that it is a case of over vaccination.

It may be possible to use an oral vaccination in due course –watch this section., or subscribe to our blog pages.