Anal Glands


Dogs and cats have scent glands under the tail at 4o'clock and 8 o'clock positions. When they become impacted they can cause violent itching and possible infection

Causes of this condition are complex.Most commonly is the possibility of allergies in the diet.These may arise from simple errors in feeding. Each animal can be different.

There are several other factors which can be involved and cause problems including seasonal and weather conditions and the amount of exercise the animal takes so the problem is less common in a working dog than in a small lap dog.


. Infection or overfull glands can make the animal chew at its back end ( or flank if the animal is obese, because the animal cannot reach the anal area). Often the dog might sit on the ground and rub or drag its bottom along in an attempt to empty the impacted gland, so signs are abrasions to the anal area or hot spots on the flank or peri-anal area.

Chronic conditions can occur especially in German Shepherd breed when a large wound can be formed. Veterinary advice is essential.

Consider This:

Using a plastic glove and gently squeeze the gland which lies at the 4 o'clock and the 8o'clock position ( on the 12hour clock face). You will expect to express a grey oily or pus like material which is often very smelly. Do not damage the skin of the area by squeezing too hard. It may be useful to get your vet to demonstrate if you have difficulty with this.Another option is surgical remooval although this is usually reserved for chronic cases