Bony changes may occur in both dogs and cats especially as they get older. It is the result of modification by the dynamic forces of the bones.

  • It can result from injury in agility dogs and horses following an accident. If it follows an injury, bony modification will be seen in the affected area and it may be treated with long term acupuncture and/or herbs. or conventionally by surgery. Change of diet to less acidic foods is a very good option.(refer subscriptions on this website).
  • In older animals that have had inappropriate diets for much of their lives
  • It is often seen in hips or dogs and is often associated with feeding of foods which lock up calcium necessary for young animal bony development. Occasionally also seen as a result of total meat  in young dogs and may result in spontaneous fractures at four to five months.


    Most common symptom is restriction of movement or abnormal gait depending on how long standing the condition is and which joints are involved


    Using glucosamine supplement in food,(remember the equivalent weight of your dog and a human dose).There is also a good case for use green lip mussel either as a source of protein in the diet or as an extract in diet or as capsules. Make sure that there is adequate calcium and vegetable silica in the diet.