Retention of dry or hard dung following feeding of dry biscuit or cooked bones especially sheep bones. There can be other causes such as the end result of eating any clothing that is contaminated with blood or any unusual object like a stone or sand or earth. It can be severe and long standing when the dung dries out inside the colon.Often there is an underlying cause like colitis from food allergies that cause inflammation of the colon and over absorption of water from dung as a result of inflammation of the colon wall.It needs to be distinguished from intestinal blockage and therefore is a veterinary issue in the first place. It may be repetative if preventative measures are not taken.


Repetative straining to pass dung with little or no result is the most common situation. This can  be due to a sudden change of food in dogs fed certain things like cooked  (sheep) bones, or   in smaller breeds on low grade dry food, or in working dogs it is due to poor quality food without any raw meat in the diet..The possibility of allergic colitis is an important precondition. In older male dogs the possibility of prostate cancer should be eliminated by xray or other means

Consider This:

  • If the animal is mobile and can walk, a good run will sometimes shift the blockage if it is of short duration ( less than 3 days), this can be helped by using about 300mls of a mixture of 1/3 Black molasses in 2/3 milk. Repeat this for three days with exercise as well. If not responding see your local vet.
  • If it is severe or longstanding it may need manual extraction (under sedation) by your local vet.
  • If only a short term problem try a feed of uncooked minced meat or a human enema tube inserted in the bottom. This is most useful in small dogs where anal glands may be a causative factor. Check subscription pages for further information.