Ear Infections

Common Causes:

Ear canals are formed in the embryo from in pushing of the outside layer and as such are modified skin. Because they are tubular in shape they have a higher humidity then most of the skin so in hot moist conditions they will be one of  the first places where skin disease will be seen. Quite often it is seen only in one ear and once started can be difficult to control unless diet is changed.Depending on the food used the symptoms may vary so that yeast infections from white bread feeding will affect the inside of the pinna or earflap and outer canal whereas  bacterial infection is usually deeper and more long standing.. It may also be due to a foreign body like a grass seed down the ear canal. In either case this requires veterinary input to remove or to treat


Dogs may suddenly start worrying one or both ears, or scrape the affected ear along the ground or show persistent shaking or the head.with possible whining to show discomfort.Occasionally a "hotspot will occur under one ear or on the neck due to persistent scratching during the previous night with the back claws. In any case veterinary advice is advised.

Consider This:

Sometimes it is a repeat problem, or not associated with barley grass (NZ and UK) or native grass seeds(Australia) in which case vet advise is recommended.

 If it is due to food allergies or inapproriate food then use of antibiotic cremes and other curative products are not much use. It isd important to change the diet (see subscription service).

Sometimes the ear canal can be cleaned with a product like Balckmoors ear ointment or with a pure aloe vera solution  (only use one suitable for human drinking that contains no  chemical preservatives). Using a small cotton bud and cleaning out the inside surface of outer ear BUT NOT the ear canal can help but  If the problem persists contact your vet. 

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