The introduction of a barbiturate overdose into the vein of an unwanted or old dog or cat by a veterinarian is one of the difficult things in life for vets and for owners. It can be used if the animal is very old and sick and suffering or if there are financial restraints to treatment ofr many other reasons. Most vets do not like the proceedure but do it to save animal sufferin


 Because this is a proceedure usually decided by the owner in consultation with their vet, the symptoms that are used to base the decision to euthanase are dependent of the individual.

case. It could be due to disease which is untreatbble, or to an owner who is not ready to let their precious pet depart yet or even a rescue dog which start biting children.The situation varies with the owner the vet and the community perception towards the animal.It is never an easy choice and needs to be considered with sensitivity. Perhaps for the individual it is a case for discussion in the subscription area or this website.

Consider This:

Use of alternative medicine can sometimes work wonders,especially early in a disease, so if you are not sure you want to put your pet down then consider using the subscription service

. Euthanasia can be sometimes offered unnecessarily depending on the circumstances. It may be too early of maybe there are other alternatives. If you are in any doubt consider visiting  the subscription pages for further suggestions.