Fractures (spontaneous or road accident)

Common Causes

Trauma of all sorts including road accident or other injury, associated with pain and lameness, or severe bruising  involving your pet. This is a true emergency and should be attended to by your vet in the first place, until you are sure no severe damage has been done.


 Loss of use of limb or limbs, or pain with swelling ,bleeding.and even respiratory distress if the chest of abdomen is damaged. If the pelvis in a cat is damaged in a road accident i, the cat may walk and it may not be obvious that it is broken. Inability to carry weight on a limb is a possible sign,right through a range of symptoms to a n obvious none shaft sticking out of a wound.

Consider this:

Always seek veterinary advice as soon as possible. Consider pain relief if available.

 Use of Chinese medicine techniques as in STIR (soft tissue Injury Repair) techniques can be used once the main damage has been treated to get full function back following repair by your vetor a specialist orthopaedic surgeon. so get your vet to assess the problem first

Always seek veterinary advice first.

Visiting the subscription pages may help. There are several homeopathic and acupuncture techniques which may help after the main problem has been resolved to help speed healing and pain nrelief apart from usual pharmacological methods.