Geriatric Conditions

Common Causes

Everyone and every pet gets old.   Because life expectancy is often shorter in most pets than in humans the time for decisions can often be very traumatic and often it is an almost unbearable to decide to euthanize a family animal because of old age. many conditions of old age can be treated with Chinese herbal medicine to extend the life of the pet.. 


 The symptoms depend on the individual and could range from weakness and inability to get up and go outside to urinate, through to advanced arthrritis or heart disease or loss of vision. Almost always there are underlying causes,which may respond to herbal remedies or to diet modification. Your vet is also well versed in this ,but there are other things not usually considered 

Consider this:

 Perhaps we should use the pharmacological medicines first from the vet, before we try alternatives, that is a personal choice.

A whole list of Alternative medicine and other things things can be useful. Diet, herbs, homeopathic and Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Essences amongst other methods can help

The subscription pages maybe a useful way to discuss the “un–discussable” with someone who may be able to help make decisions or advise on how to prolong the life of a pet before you are obliged to consider euthanasia.