Common Causes

Almost always the cause of a hot spot is inappropriate feeding by someone in the family or a friend. It may be short term or a repeat situation. Most hotspots are also associated with underlying skin disease such as food allergies and that can be almost any food which is used.


Sometimes a dog will chew its skin at night when the owners are asleep or if the animal has an ear infection it can use its hind foot claws to alleviate the itching.  Maybe the owners have been telling the dog to Stop Scratching! or Stop Licking!  The animal may wait until the owners attention is diverted then start again ‘gets stuck in” and chews the itchy places, soon there is a loss of hair and the area becomes reddened and wet especially if the skin is broken. The size of the hot spot may vary from  a bullseye size about 1cm across through  to a raw area of several centimeters diameter.

Consider This:

Veterinary advice is recommended because the skin is broken, although the usual treatment is a course of steroids and antibiotics. In short term the vet is possibly a good option.
. DO NOT use tea tree oil on the area as it is too strong for most dogs skins and may cause hairloss.
 There are some very good lavender creams available on the market that will suppress and soothe the rash until professional advice is sought., but the best way of treating this condition is a change of diet following identification of the causes.refer to subscription pages for further details.