Mastitis (Farm Animals:

Common Causes

A Staph. or Strep. (or less commonly other bacteria) bacterial infection like E coli can cause this disease Often starts around the birth of a calf and onset of milk production

Most dairy farmers are familiar with treatment of mastitis with antibiotics but there are some great herbal formulas from India and China which are supportive and even curative that have been tested in controlled conditions.


If the cow is being milked with the herd the first signs are heat and discomfort in the udder at milking, Expression of milk from one or more teats may show granules or stringy material that is yelloow or darker than normal. Kicking when the cups are put on is another indication. Often there is a temperature rise and the cow may be slow coming into the yards or depressed and sometimes lame.

 If the cow is a milk cow with calves at foot the udder will be swollen and calves reluctant to drink from the affected quarter.

Consider this:

Early treatment with suitable antibiotics is usually the management of choice in New Zealand where the norm is factory production of milk.This makes the loss of antibiotic tainted milk a minor consideration. but a diagnosis of the microorganism causing the problem and matching the antibiotic to it is best.

Using holistic systems to prevent the disease makes better sense to me, but prevention needs that the owner starts treatment around 10 days before the birth of the young and if you want try that please go to the subscription pages for a discussion on options BEFORE the condition occurs. There are a range of herbal combinations some that are more readily available than others.

Contact us during the dry period as this takes some planning and although the results are spectacular (in trials) there is input required by the milk worker, the rewards are usually great and often the cost of treatment can easily be covered by extra production of milk in same season because the condition occurs before the peak of lactation and so there is less loss of production.