Mastitis (pets

Common Causes

This condition seems more common in lactating bitches in the warmer States of Australia especially Queensland where humid conditions exist (on the coasts). Usually occurs as a Staphlococcal infection from the skin in early lactation  and can be very rapid in onset. Has been associated witha a history of MRSA infection in one of the human owners. It may initially look like an autoimmune condition.


The animal is lethargic and depressed even although feeding her pups.There may be signs of dehydration and the mammary glands are hot to touch. Usually there is a high fever and the animal is off her food. The pups will usually not feed and crying from hunger is a good sign for the owner.

 Immediate reference to your veterinarian for fluids and strong antibiotics is essential to get a good outcome..

 Eventually the affected parts of the udder can die off and eventually heal, but it is a long messy process since healing is by secondary intention healing from the bottom of the wound and with dead tissues sloughing off.Often it is better to leave the would open so that the bitch can keep thewound clean and open.

Consider This:

Bandaging a (fresh) cabbage leaf on the affected gland may help cool and detoxify the area, but immediate veterinary attention is essential. Use of herbs will aid healing.

Other management help can be obtained from subscription areas.