Common Causes

Basically dogs and cats are designed to eat meat, protein, with little fat as most prey in the wild is not fat either, having had to run for its life all its life.

 Use of fatty meat from the human food chain  is the usual problem and is a result of use of fertilisers on selected pastures which increases the availability and digestibility of grasses that meat source animals like sheep and cattle may feed on.

 Either the owner is ignorant of the problem and feeds fatty foods like beef brisket bones especially if they have been cooked, or the dog or cat is cunning at stealing fatty foods from a barbeque or similar place. or maybe a guest feeds the family dog the fat off his steak. There are many scenarios but a high fat diet is the cause especially cooked fat.


A digestive problem that can cause vomiting or passing of pale or yellow or white faeces (dung). There is marked abdominal pain and lethargy and possibly a fever .

Consider This

This is a potentially a very dangerous condition so I suggest you check with your local vet first. 

It can easily be confused with serious intestinal conditions such as intersusseption  or other blockage like torsion.

Simple fasting for 24 hours may help, but if the animal gets dehydrated you should check with your vet. because loss of electrolytes suggests continued vomiting or diarrhoea.

 Electrolytes can also help but dietary changes are recommended as described in the subscription section.