Common Causes:

A viral disease,commonly affecting  young animals and puppies, especially if they are fed on poor quality diets especially if high in fat which may also predispose to pancreatitis. Because the puppy can die within 24 hours from dehydration or invasion by pathogenic bacteria in the intestine, you are strongly advised to feed your puppies carefully and avoid fatty dog roll and similar cheap commercial type foods. Early worming of a puppy is advised as is regular vaccination in the first weeks of life so a visit to the vet early on in the course of the disease is advised. 


Usual early symptoms are lethargy,lack of appetite and vomiting in an pup. Usually the pup is unvaccinated but this is not always true. Vaccinated pups can sometimes be affected.

Diarrohea with a distinctive putrid bloody smell can be a symptom and this can often be seen in adults which eat other animals dung.This is common in UK where there are a lot of foxes. Foxes sometimes leave dung which contains some unabsorbed meat materials. There are other routes of infection depending on the country under discussion.

Try This:

Take any suspect vet to the vet as soon as possible. Early treatment gives the best results.

Fluids by mouth should be given in small amounts frequently if  parvo is suspected. A good fluid mix can be made from 500ml water heated with a 1/4 teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of honey.Do not use sugar in dogs or pups as it will cause nutritional diarrhoea

There are homeopathics that can help in an active disease outbreak, but use of electrolytes and antibiotics in the early period of the disease is advised.

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