Snake Bite

Common Causes

A condition, (especially in Australia) when a rapid trip to the local vet is strongly advised.If in doubt suspect snake bite

 The problem is that several species of snake in Australia can cause haemolysis of the red blood cells following a bite and this will quickly be a cause of death unless an anti-venom is injected and medical support can save the life of your precious animal. Do not delay even if cost is a problem. Most vets will cooperate in a bad situation. 

There are other types of snake with venom which works in different ways, so it is important to know what snake bit your pet if at all possible but don't put yourself at risk.

 Most vet clinics have charts to explain the basic problem.


Depends on the species of snake.

Consider This:

Avoid allowing your dog or cat to wander in long grass or bush land and if he bails a snake up get him back on the leash quickly. 

Do NOT interfere or come between the snake and your pet. You might be bitten and you could die as well. 

Even If bitten by a less dangerous snake, veterinary advise is essential and is strongly recommended. In the meantime keep the animal quiet or caged  to prevent the active spread of the toxin in the body.