Urinary Disease

Common Causes

Many of the problems with urinary tract disease comes from the urine becoming too alkaline from inappropriate feeding practices using too much carbohydrate in the food. Cheap supermarket foods are a major source. Many of the commercial cat dryfoods are a problem in this situation and if you have a cat that has bladder problems you should consider feeding prescription diets from your vet. If the animal will eat raw meats this may help but shouldn’t be depended upon to fix the problem.

Occasionally similar situations occur in the dog and the same advice to visit your vet applies.


Because of the anatomy of the male cat where the bladder goes into a smaller urethra in the penis a funnel shaped area is formed.The risk of accumulation of crystals in the urine in this area is fairly common, and any signs of straining to urinate or during urination, also associated with yowling in pain and association dehydration means you should consider a rapid trip to the vet . Do not delay or you can lose your cat from reflux which is the backing up of urine in the system so that the kidneys are damaged by the unnatural pressure. This can occur within a few hours so do not delay. 

The female cat has a wide urinary passage so is usually affected by cystitis but produced frequent blood stained urine puddles whereas the male produces no urine at all.


Feed a less alkaline diet if you know dry food causes a problem for your cat.Prescription foods are available at your vet.

 Use of a meat diet is a possibility but there can be problems especially if you continue to feed dry food as well.

. Further details can be found in the subscription section. There are herb formulas in chinese medicine and western medicine  that can help.