Yeast Infection

Common Causes:

Quite often the use of antibiotics to treat skin diseases have a unintentional contributory effect of allowing an overgrowth of yeasts in the skin, usually on the inner face of the ear flaps but it  can also affect the whole body. Feeding of bread can also cause it as dogs do not utilise yeast in the diet very well.


This is a common skin disease of dogs and is called Mallezia which is a yeast. It is.usually characterised in severe infections as total loss of hair from over grooming and rubbing without broken skin. The skin often has powdery white areas and may smell musty and the dog will be itching and scratching. yeast infections. Sometimes if the condition has been long standing the skin will be black. Yeast can also develop between the toes where the dog licks an itchy skin lesion. The underlying cause is food allergy often associated with feeding of commercial dry foods, or tinned foods or trailing treats.

Consider This:

Bathing with a special (vet) medicated shampoo can help the itching problem but to get in order good control of the skin infection, you would need to go to subscription page and discuss diets because that is the underlying cause.