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Injuries and detoxification techniques.

If you choose to use herbs to heal your injured horse, or you wish to attend to its internal health by testing ulcers and other gut and liver problems ; here are a few simple ideas.

We have seen some amazing results as follows using BONEX and AMAZING FORMULA (or Cough and Cold which is possible better but more expensive.)

These products should be used in conjunction with antibiotics if necessary

The riding horse hit its carpel joint on a concrete trough.

The details are unknown, but the results are obvious.

IIt cannot be stitched because of joint fluid discharge
The opened joint capsule is obvious

Two weeks later healing is welladvanced

The wound was completely healed in three weeks. No longer is it necessary to box the horse for one of two months.

Bonex can be used for bone and tendon injuries and as a liver cleanser.

Here is a comment fro Wayne C of Auckland relating to his horse that wasn't eating well and had a series of ulcers in its stomach.the horse was "ribbey"

Within one weeK Wayne said "horse doing well and eating great" The horse is back in work and performing very well.

Bonex has herbs that relieve pain , cleanse the liver and will heal wounds and tendons and bony injuries very quickly

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