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Bones and tendons

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Horses were designed to run away (from predators). In ancient times this meant animals like Cave lions and other predators which needed to eat as well. Natural selection of the horse focussed on those animals that could run away as fast as possible. The slow (or injured)ones got eaten.

Therefore the lungs and respiratory tract were critical for successful escape as were the muscles, ligaments and tendons.

In traditional chinese medicine the organs that affected these systems (musculoskeletal) were dependent on porper function of the digestive tract and the liver/spleen.

Choice of the right food is essential, thus horses select herbs and feed. by browsing across a range of different plants rather than grazing ryegrass (in NZ conditions).

It is not about getting the maximum energy from the feed because horses in the wild usually feed of low production pasture species (such as brown top and similar grasses), but selecting specific herbs that will change with season and district and probably have individual specificity.

With domesticated horses, there is a risk of not getting a complete diet,or attempting to use a commercial feed product which may or may not be suitable for a particular animal.

The herbs shown on this website are designed to fulfil the needs of any horse under most conditions. In the example given above, Bonex and Amazing formula are probably the best choice.

In situations where the animal is under starvation conditions due to lack of feed or feed quality, use of Pure'n'Green may be a good follow up because it supplies a range of natural vitamins in an organic base but ther are other options.

If you want more information please contact us through the site contact section.

My Name is Tony Frith and I am a retired vet with 40+ years of experience.

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